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Solar geysers and

geyser control systems

Spend less money on water heating,

reducing your total electricity bill by up to 50%!





Capture free rainwater, saving money on

your water bill while conserving this precious resource.

Solar geysers and geyser control systems

Electricity bill climbing higher and higher?

DID YOU KNOW? Heating your geyser can account for as much as 75% of your entire electrical bill!

So many South Africans are spending more than they should be on electricity, as well as spending time and money replacing faulty geyser elements.

A solar geyser installation and a smart geyser control system gives you:


Saving on your electricity bill!


Hot water, even during power cuts


The system pays for itself in less than 5 years!

Geyser Control

Your Problem

Our Solution

High electricity bills.

Save money on water heating (sunshine is free!).

Going ‘off the grid’ is too expensive.

Solar hot water is an affordable first step. The modular system can be expanded to build an off-grid power system for the home.

Load-shedding and power outages lead to a lack of hot water.

The geyser element is solar-powered, which means 27/4, 365 hot water supply.

Geysers and settings are not easily accessible.

Control and monitor your geyser with your own control panel

Get your geyser off the grid and take control of your energy costs

Our solar geyser control system is the easiest and most affordable way for you to manage your geyser’s electricity consumption and reduce your water heating bill. The unique geyser element harnesses renewable energy from the sun, and our intelligent geyser management controller gives you complete control over your geyser’s time and temperature settings according to your needs.

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Solar Geysers

On average, the system pays itself off in less than 5 years!

4 ways for you to save on utility bills

Harness the sun’s abundant – and free! – heat and power

Set timers to only heat water when necessary

Lower the geyser temperature for greater energy efficiency

Quick failure detection to prevent problems before they occur

Benefits of Going Green

Low Maintenance

Lower Electricity Bills

Lower Carbon Footprint

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Rainwater harvesting system

Why spend so much money on water bills when it – quite literally – falls from the sky for free? With our rainwater harvesting systems, you can capture rainwater that can be used around your household or business to reduce your water bill and save this precious resource.

Use harvested rainwater to save money on:

Toilet Flushing

Washing Machines

Garden Taps

The Entire Household

Water Storage Solutions
Water Storage Solutions
Water Storage Solutions
Water Storage Solutions

What is rainwater harvesting?

Rather than allowing rain to run off or absorb into the ground, rainwater harvesting allows you to collect rainwater to reuse on-site. This is an effective way to save water and reduce your monthly water bill. Rainwater harvesting becomes especially important in times of drought.

How does a rainwater harvesting system work?

In principle, every rainwater harvesting system works by collecting rainwater and treating or processing it for use elsewhere on the property. However, every site has different needs and a different layout, which means that every rainwater harvesting system needs to be customised to your unique situation. Get in touch with MDK Plumbing for a free, no-obligation quote.

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Green is the way to go!

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